Sweet Redemption
Those that know me or have read this blog before, know that I "hang-out" at pokerpoker.ca quite a bit. It's basically an online forum for mostly Ottawa players. The site has mainly two types of members, those that play in low stakes home games and tournies and those that play in higher stakes games in local casino-style establishments and on the road. I tend to belong to the second category, however like most in this category I got my start in the home games.

Lately I've been posting on pokerpoker a lot. Most of my posts have involved elaborate analysis of different hands and poker situations. The discussions I involve myself in are generally well received and I feel I have gained a certain amount of respect from the community.

Given that many of those who read and respond to my posts fall into the category of small stakes home game players, I thought it would be fun to join them in a live small stakes home game. So, about two weeks ago I attended a small tourney in Barrhaven, hosted by one of the site's most prolific posters, ZachJackDad.

I don't know why but I really felt out of my element in that game. I was uncomfortable and it took me off my game. I felt I played very badly. After a poor showing at that game, I felt I needed to redeem myself. There is no reason I should suddenly play badly at these stakes or with these players. So, I went to another home tourney known as WNP (Wednesday Night Poker), forgoing my usual higher stakes Wednesday Tourney at a local casino-style venue. Again though, I just could not get comfortable and ended up playing very poorly. So, last Wednesday I returned, hoping this time I would show everyone (including, and most importantly myself) that I did have some actual skills to back up all my elaborate pokerpoker posts. The game went very badly, I became frustrated and donked out for a third time!!

This had become personal now. I was really upset at myself for not being able to play well in these types of games. So, tonight I went back to Barrhaven for a small touney at ZachJackDad's and lo and behold I found my rhythm. I played very well and ended up chopping first place. Even if I had bubbled or busted outside of the money, I still would have been happy with my game tonight. I finally conquered whatever mental block was preventing me from playing my best at these home games.

I have to say, playing these home games has been fun and I will probably be playing a few more in the months to come. But my main focus has shifted back to beating the bigger games as that is where the money is. So, look for me at my regular Wednesday night tourney this week. Hopefully, I'll see you there.
Anonymous Zachjackdad said...

Hey Bill,
It was really good to have you back. I think you played excellent. You sucked out, got sucked out on, then sucked out again, then crushed me when I was dominated. Anyway it was great to have you out at the game. You are definitely a lot of fun to have at the table!!

10:28 AM  

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