Circle Jerk
A few days ago during an early morning session of poker on PokerStars, I encountered a rather "interesting" character. Here's the story:

I was slumming it at 0.50/1.00 on Stars just after 2:00 am and my buddies fishbones and krissyb jumped into the chat window as observers to say hello. As we were chatting another player at my table, whom we did not know, began to join in the conversation. The player's name was Circles and he was the chip leader on the table at the time. fishbones asked Circles if he would like to play a heads up match. Circles immidiately became defensive "why you think you're better than me?" he retorted. It was so strange 'cause fishbones' request was not meant as an insult at all and he explained that immidiately, but Circles wouldn't have it. He started bragging about how good he is and then said he wouldn't play a heads-up match unless it was for 500$. fishbones declined to play for 500$ because it's basically ridiculous. Meanwhile krissy hopped on to the table and bought in for the minimum (20$), she quickly rolled it up to about 100$ outplaying the bejeezes out of everyone. I guess this upset Circles because he became even more beligerent.

Finally, krissy had had enough so she offered to play Circles heads-up on his terms at 500$. She went to the 500$ HU SnG table and waited for him. But, surprise, surprise, Circles never showed up and he suddenly got real quiet in the chat. We asked him what the matter was and he eventually said that he no longer felt comfortable with the idea. krissy then offered to play him at whatever stakes he felt comfortable with and he STILL refused. Circles eventually claimed that he felt like he was about to get "hustled". HILARIOUS! Yeah, hustled out of all his chips baby.

Eventually Circles left the table but I'm sure it's not the last we'll see of him. I hate these macho conceded kids who play online and think they're God's gift to poker. So, if you run into this guy, be warned, he is a major asshole.

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