Sailing on the River
Watch my win percentages fluctuate ... best game ever!!

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obviously when all the money went in I was a big dog and I was probably out of line with my aces a little on the flop. The preflop line "limp-call standard raise" generally indicates a small pair or a suited connector. The trouble here is that I was playing a very LAG game. I busted someone with 68 sooted vs. their AQ when I raised from the SB in a battle of the blinds and then called a re-raise only to hit a dream flop and catch the sucker with his pants down. I had been raising pots ever since and people were starting to come over the top fairly regularly forcing me to fold. That's the trouble with the LAG style, you never know if someone is just taking a stand with a semi-reasonable hand or if they actually have the goods. I know that the blogsphere is already far too poluted with posts about some poor Shmoe's aces getting cracked but the way this hand played out after we were all in made it worth posting in my opinion.

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