Bill Sparks Charity Poker Weekend
Each and every day poker bankrolls around the world suffer due to bad beats, bad decisions and bad timing. Some of these bankrolls are so small that the poker players to whom they belong are often left with nothing but empty pockets and broken dreams.

Dear poker players, Bill Sparks knows your pain. That is why this weekend, for the first time in a long time, he has decided to truly give back to the poker community. That's right, Bill Sparks has generously donated well over a thousand dollars to fellow poker players by playing tired, angry, donkey poker all around the city and online all weekend long.

"If I can save just one desperate player from going broke, then I've done my duty" said Sparks. The campaign has been a resounding success and many a poker player have Bill Sparks to thank for a nice little addition to their stacks this weekend.

It was once believed that Mr. Sparks had ceased all charitable activities in favour of more profitable pursuits, but the last two days have really shown that his generous nature and charitable endeavours know no boundries.

If you can count yourself amongst the many lucky players who have received a donation from Bill Sparks this weekend, please put the money to good use. God bless.

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