Poker At The "Q"
Believe me when I tell you I had a hard time not naming this post, "Worst Hand of Poker I've Ever Played In My Life, Ever, Oh My God!". What follows is a description of a hand that did NOT knock me out of the tournament, but did enough damage to cause my quick demise.

The blinds were 20/40, I had 800 some odd chips. I am dealt As Ts in late position. A middle position player opens the pot for 100. I call. The flop comes Ks 5c Js. I'm drawing for the nut flush. My oponent checks. I bet 500. He calls. Turn comes 2d. He checks. I check. River comes 3h. He bets his LAST 40, putting him all in. I FOLD!!!

Disaster, disaster, disaster! First of all, I recognize that had I drawn my nut flush, I may not have realized how badly I played that hand and would probably not be writing this post. So, I am glad I lost so that I can learn from my mistakes.

My first mistake here was the 500 bet on the Flop. With a drawing hand and only about 260 in the pot, a bet like that screams "Call me, I'm Bluffing!!". I should have bet about 50% of the pot. Looking back on it I think my opponent would have had a harder time calling me on that type of bet.

My next mistake was folding on the River. In a tournament when you've commited so much money to the pot and you've got a chance to knock a guy out whom you believe may have a weak hand, folding on a small bet is just ridiculous. Now I have no way of knowing if my high-card Ace would have held up (odds are it probably wouldn't have) but for a measly 40 chips, it would have been worth it.

I wish I could tell you that even though I was knocked out very early, it was great tournament but the truth is I was quite dissapointed by the event as a whole. First off, they allow rebuys wich is something I generally don't like. Next, they kept the telivisions on which added to an already noisy environment where it was hard to hear when the blonds went up. There were no clear rules (I saw a guy raising by far less than the previous bet). They seemed to move people at random. The whole thing just came off super sloppy. It just made me appreciate the OPT tournament that much more. I can't wait 'till the 29th


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