Poker at Ottawa U
A couple of days ago I saw a post on my favourite forum announcing the need for someone to volunteer their chips and be "the bank" at the upcoming weekly Ottawa U game. I've always wanted to check out the action there and since the proce of chip sets has fallen dramatically I fekt okay about volunteering myself and my chips for the event.

I arrived a little after seven to find another volunteer there already cashing people in, luckily he had different style chips than me, but all the same colors. After buying a good lot of people in, I took my seat at one of the tables and started to play. The action off the bat was fast and loose, one guy lost his stack on the second hand and went home. He called an all in from another player with a junk hand. I'm just sad he couldn't stick around any longer to feed my stack.

The game was friendly and professional, people who joined the table out of position blinded in. Every one seemed to be relatively experienced and things went very smoothly. Sadly however, I simply could not catch any cards. The best hand I was dealt all night was 9s9d. I bought in twice at 30$ a pop and managed, even with the lousy hands I was being dealt to come out about even on the night. Miraculously, I was also able to cash everyone out and balance the till at the end of the night. A few of my chips suffered some minor damage (mostly hairline fractures across the top) but like I said these sets are getting cheaper every day.

I'll definitely be going back, but I may take a break from being banker as it was distracting at times.

When I got home after the game, I hopped on line and managed to turn 25$ into 100$ in about an hour. So that made up for not catching any great cards at the Ottawa U game.

All in all, a fun night of poker.

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