The Eurolinx Challenge - Intoduction
A lot of Ottawa players, including myself, play on a Norwegian site called Eurolinx. The main reasons are that their rake back and bonus system is excellent and even more importantly their players are horrible. I mean really, really bad! I first heard about the site after they started sponsoring Marc Karam (aka "Myst") a local pro and friend of mine about 8 months ago. Since then I've played there on and off, and I'd really like to make it my primary site but I can't seem to win consistently on that site.

I've thought about long and hard about why I can't seem to turn a profit on that site and I believe it has to do with a number of factors but the main thing is I am unable to play a straightforward game. I insist on getting fancy against these morons and it burns me every time. There's also an ego factor, losing to bad players puts me on a special kind of tilt and I just blow out. Well, now it's become personal! The players are so awful and yet I let them get the best of me all the time. So, I'm gonna dedicate the next little while to beating Eurolinx. I am starting at .25/.50 with 100$ and I am going to clear another 100$ in bonus (November Reload) money soon. The plan is to play .25/.50 until I am up to 500$ and then move to .50/1.00 until I am at 1000$ at which point I will cash out 300$ and finally, for the first time in my life cash out some profit from that damned site!!

Now, I know it's not a lot of money, but this really isn't about the money for me. Those who know me well, know that I never play for very big money online and they know why, so I'm not gonna explain it here.

In the coming weeks look for hands to be posted here along with my analysis as I strive to improve my game against these Eurodonx. The blog is back!



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