Royal #3
I've said it before and I will say it again, never in my life have I had a run like the one I continue to have on PartyPoker. It's sick. Just sick. This is my 3rd Royal Flush ever and my first on Party Poker. I may not have played the hand in the best way possible, but what a result!

Party Poker ($1 no limit). Hand converted by Check Raised hand converter:

CO ($68.56) (CO)
BTN ($228.65) (DEALER)
Bill Sparks ($112.20) (SB)
BB ($102.30) (BB)
UTG ($21.47) (UTG)

(5 players): Bill Sparks is SB with :Jd :Ad
2 folds. BTN raises $3.00. Bill Sparks calls ($2.50) [2.8:1]. 1 fold.

Flop (7 bets ($7) in pot, 2 players):
:8h :7d :Kd
Bill Sparks checks. BTN bets $6.00. Bill Sparks raises $18.00. BTN raises $24.00. Bill Sparks calls ($12.00) [5.58:1].

Turn (67 bets ($67) in pot, 2 players):
:8h :7d :Kd :Td
Bill Sparks checks. BTN bets $50.00. Bill Sparks raises $79.20 and is all-in. BTN calls ($29.20) [7.72:1].

River (225.40 bets ($225.40) in pot, 2 players):
:8h :7d :Kd :Td :Qd

Bill Sparks has a Royal Flush [ :Jd :Ad ] and won $223.40 (111.7bb)
BTN has a pair of Kings [ :Kc :Js ]

I called pre-flop figuring he was making a loose raise with position. When the flop hit I chose to check and see if I could get a free turn. When he bet, I thought if he whiffed the flop and was just making a continuation bet I could take it away right there with a semi-bluff. If he called me, I thought I might get a free river out of the deal. When he re-raises me the odds dictate that I have to call, so I do. When I hit the turn I really don't like my check. If I was correct in my original line that the re-raise would buy me a free river, then a check here would just lead to a check from my opponent and it would be tougher to get all the money in. The only reason I did check the turn is that he still had the betting lead with his re-raise so I figured he might try to bluff the diamond. I was right, but it was risky. Once he bet 50$ there, I figured he was commited so I just stuck it in.

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