Big Swings, Burlesque and Blackjack
What a Sunday! I left home at noon to head down to the Mohawk Casino in Akwesasne. Got there at half past one, just on time to sit at a new table of 2/5 no limit that was opening up. I played for five and a half hours, taking some sick beats and then rebuilding my stack only to take another sick beat and start all over again. Finally, I lost a hand with boat over boat when the board double paired the river and most of the money had gone in on the turn. I headed back to Ottawa at seven o'clock booking a total loss of 420$ US at the tables.

I got back in to town at around 8:30 and stopped by one of the local poker clubs. Things were pretty quiet since everyone was watching the Senators playoff game. After yelling at the screen as our beloved Sens managed to lose 4-3 to the Tampa Bay Lightning due to piss poor defense on their part, we managed to get a small 50$ Sit 'n' Go up and running. It was 3 customers, 2 owners, and 1 dealer for a total prize pool of 300$. I ended up chopping with the chip leader at the end for 100$. So, I netted 50$ and things were starting to turn around. During the tournamanet a new player had shown up at the club, someone none of us had seen before. He waited patiently for a little over half an hour while we finished our tourney. Then he joined us for a 6-handed 1/2 no limit cash game.

The very first hand, our new friend is under the gun and he makes it 5$ to go. I am on the button and call him with a pair of deuces. 3 other players call and the SB folds. The flop comes A-2-J with two clubs. It gets checked around to me and I bet out 15$. It's folded around to the original raiser and he goes all in for 95$ total. I call. He shows A J and my set holds up. He leaves after having waited so long and playing only one hand. Poker sucks sometimes, but hey I needed the money as I was already stuck pretty bad. Shortly after that, one more player busted and the game broke. I cashed out netting 130$ profit.

I then headed down the street to another club and hopped into their short-handed 1/2 game. The game lasted another 45 minutes as three players went broke in quick succession and three of us decide to head over to a nearby Burlesque Theatre for a little entertainment. I cashed out netting a 30$ profit.

One of our friends was determined that at least one of the entertainers would "make maximum" off of him. So, we didn't end up leaving until the lights came on at 3 am. Of course the day was not over as we all headed to the Lac-Leamy Casino for more gambling.

When we got to the casino I sat down with one of my friends at a Blackjack table. I put down 150$ and doubled it rather quickly. My friend was not as fortunate and we left shortly thereafter.

So, after a very long day I am down about 20$ gambling. But what a life!

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