Reaping Rebuy Rewards
I had an absolutely awesome week-end. On friday I won a small single rebuy/add-on tourney at a buddy's place. I basically defended my BB with any 2 early on and hit almost every time. I cracked pockets Kings with J5 off suit and had everybody terrified of attacking my blinds. I also called the host down with Ace high and won the pot and then I "slow played" ny bottom pair of 6s against a player who loves to bluff. When I called his River bet, he just said "you're good". I replied, "are you sure, I don't have much" to which he retorted "I have 3 high". I then showed him my 6-8 off suit and raked in the pot. I invested 40$ and won 280$ netting me a nice 240$ profit.

I then played in an unlimited rebuy event on Saturday. I played like a maniac only to have my sets and two pairs drawn out on. In the last hand of the rebuy period, I pushed my stack in blind from UTG+1. I only had 3500 in chips and I could rebuy up to 3000 at the end of the hand, plus add-on another 2000. The blind structure was insane and I knew I would need around 1200 in chips to have a shot at this thing ater the break. So, pushing with any 2 in this spot is the only option. I got two callers and managed to turn my measley King-Deuce into a full house. After adding on I found myself with 12500 in chips. Perfect!

There were two key hands for me at the final table. The first hand came when I was in the BB with A8 suited. The button came in for a raise and we both had sizable stacks. He had been caught on a steal earlier with Q2. So, I moved in expecting him to lay it down. Unfortunately for me he had a legitimate AQ and called. The flop brought my 8 and I doubled through, making me 3rd in chips. The next hand came when we were on the bubble. The chip leader and second in chips got into a big hand where the 2nd place in chips went broke. Thi was key for me, because it allowed me to coast into a guaranteed second as the monster chip leader devoured the other two small stacks.

Before head's up began, I had 20,000 chips and my opponent had 120,000 for a nice 6 to 1 advantage. I said jokingly, "you wouldn't be willing to chop, would you?" expecting him to tell me to take a hike. But he offered me an extra 200$ to concede. I took the deal immediately and cashed for 910$. I was in for 140$ in that tourney and I tipped the dealers well (30$ each for 3 dealers = 90$). So I netted 680$ in that tourney. I then managed to make another 400$ in the cash game.

I also took a profit on a Monday night cash game and I've started plaing ring games online again. Sadly, the ring session I played on Eurolinx was a complete disaster. I don't know why I insist on trying to outplay these monkeys. In one hand a guy check-raised me with King high and then called a 2/3 pot bet when he made a gut-shot on the turn. Only to pair his kicker and check it down on the river. So retarded!

My ring sessions on PokerStars have been more successful. I am playing .50/1 and building up a roll again after withdrawing before my hiatus. I still have the money from my SnG win and it was used to seed the ring game roll.

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