I'm Back Baby!
I finally opened up PokerStars again today after a long break from online play and I played in my standard 50+5 1-Table SnG. I basically destroyed the thing thanks to an amazing table draw. I took the chip lead with the following hand.
Poker Stars
No Limit Holdem Tournament
Blinds: t15/t30
8 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: t1445
UTG+1: t1010
MP1: t2855
MP2: t1630
CO: t1480
Button: t1385
SB: t2085
Bill Sparks: t1610

Pre-flop: (8 players) Bill Sparks is BB with
2 folds, MP1 calls t30 (pot was t45), MP2 folds, CO calls t30 (pot was t75), Button raises to t180, SB folds, Bill Sparks calls t150 (pot was t285), 2 folds.

Flop: (t435, 2 players)
Bill Sparks bets t300, Button raises to t600, Bill Sparks raises all-in t1430, Button folds.
Uncalled bets: t830 returned to Bill Sparks.

Final pot: t1635
Before you freak out, you need to know that I pushed on a "read", based on knowing the player and a classic online tell (which I am not giving away because too many damn people read this blog now).

Then a player who was second in chips started "sitting out". I'm not sure what happened but he never came back and the other donkeys at my table had no clue what the correct strategy was and when this absent player got to my direct left (due to some bust outs) the other players would actually fold around to my small blind. Brilliant! Thanks for the donation!

The absent player managed to outlast almost everyone and came in third place. When we were three handed I had a good chip lead and I just raised every friggin' pot with any 2 cards. Then for some reason I had a bad feeling and limped from the button. The BB pushed his stack and I auto-fold. He showed me pocket Aces. Hilarious!! By the time we got head's up I had 8/9ths of the chips in play (13,000) and it was an easy win.

Oh and by the way for anyone who is wondering, on PokerStars you can not win a pot when you are absent from the table. So, even when he was forced all-in by the blinds, his hand was still auto-mucked pre-flop. This is the CORRECT way to handle the situation. No player should ever be awarded a pot if they are away from the table when the action is to them. Period.
Blogger RikyRicardo said...

what is the online tell, auto min raise... or a long pause to make it look like you are thinking?

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