Work + Poker = -EV
Well, I'm just coming off a week-end of very mixed successes and failures. I played in 2 live tournaments this week-end. The "Team Tourney" which had a shootout format and allowed people to compete in teams for points and prizes and a the "CPT Deepstack" which as you've probably gleaned from the title had a deepstack format. I made the money in both, taking 5th place in the Team event and chopping top 3 in the CPT event (I believe I was second in chips by a very small margin, so we split 1st place money evenly and gave the guy with the fewest chips some extra cash for 3rd plus points in the league).

On the flipside of that, my cash game and online play has been abismal. Starting with a very bad decision to sit down at the 1/2 game after the Team tourney. It was a friday night, I had worked all day and I just finished a grueling 7 hour tournament session. I was so tired I could barely see straight, much less think straight. So of course I donlk off my tournament winnings by misreading my hand for the 3rd nuts instead of the 5th nuts. It was so stupid.

Meanwhile, I had tons of work to get done this week-end and I've picked up the habit of working while I play online. This is the worst habit ever. It has out my bottom line in ruins and my productivity in shambles. So, this blog entry is dedicated to the avandonment of this habit for good. I think it will mean a little less poker, but I'm really just giving up the losing sessions and choosing quality over quantity.

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