Christmas Party
I was on MSN with our boy Stu early this aft and he convinced me to play in the Party Poker 220K guarantee. Only trouble was that since I got my new system I never bothered to install the PartyPoker client. By the time I got it all downloaded and ready to go the tournament had already started. I did find a little surprise waiting for me though, there was a 75$ bonus waiting to be activated. I opted-in to the bonus and took the 75 to .50/1.00 NL Holdem table where I rolled it up to 230$. Then I took that to a 1/2 NL Holdem table where I rolled it up to over 400$. I now have 425$ sitting in my party account that basically cost me nothing to build. Merry Christmas to me!

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Blogger fishbones11 said...

You seem to be the champ at doing this kind of thing

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